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Our Service and Care

The daily care programme is organised as a response to resident’s individual and combined needs, all meal times are flexible and residents can arrange to have their meals in their own rooms or in the dining room, we are willing to cook any food that the Residents may wish to bring in. Family and friends are welcome to visit the home at any time and tea, coffee and biscuits are always available, however mealtimes should try to be avoided.

Care and support requirements are supported by an individual care plan specific to the resident’s profile, the aim of which is to achieve a high quality of life.

The resident’s individual Care Plan provides the basis upon which Stafford Court’s care service is delivered. Each person’s Care Plan and profile includes a description of his or her preferred daily routine; their likes and dislikes in relation to food and any specific dietary requirements.All residents are offered a choice of what they like to wear and how they prefer to be addressed. Also included in the Care Plan is a full life history of the individual.

The Home is supported by our Senior Nurse Practitioner, she visits the home on a weekly basis. She is a prescribing nurse and offers fast track services for minor treatments.

Our Extras

Appointments - The home will ensure and arrange all appointments on your behalf as and when required.

Visitors - We operate an ‘Open House’ policy whereby visitors are welcome at any time.

Refreshments - Snacks and drinks are available 24 hours per day.

Meals - Breakfast can either be taken in your own room or in the dining room.  A full breakfast menu is available.
Lunch is served in the dining room at 12:30pm each day and supper is at 5pm.
We also cater for alternative dietary requirements.

Laundry Services - We offer all kinds of laundry service, however day cleaning and specialist cleaning is not included.

Pets - Pets are welcomed to visit the home as long as they are fully house trained and of a good temperament.

Complaints Procedure

The home operates a Complaints Policy and Procedure. The aim of which is to ensure that any complaint is thoroughly investigated and that complainants feel confident that their complaints and worries are listened to, taken seriously and acted upon promptly and fairly. The home has a Duty of Care to protect each individual from any form of abuse and operates a Whistle Blowing Policy that all staff must adhere to. Any complaints of this nature will be dealt with in accordance with the Abuse policy and procedure guidelines.